Curacao won a 1-0 win against Taiwan on Saturday, advancing to the Little League World Series championship match against Hawai'i, and made it to the final game by winning 5-1 against Tennessee.

Cohen Sakamoto struck out seven and Ruston Hiyoto hit a 2-run homer for Hawai'i when it concluded an impressive run on both the U.S. side of the bracket.

Cohen's stats, along with the teams are impressive throughout the tournament with 20 teams. In 13 innings or more Cohen has thrown out 24 batters.

those two hits that he put to Saturday weren't the only two that he was allowed to take during the tournament. He was not able to throw Sunday because of the rules of pitch limits.

"I did not feel any pressure since I knew that I had a solid defense in front of me",'' Cohen stated. "Even even if I didn't feel it have a defense, I knew there was someone who would pick me up."

His team of Honolulu represents that region of Honolulu West area has beat its rivals 47-2.

Hawai'i beats Tennessee

"Hats on Cohen for buckled up when we required to buckle up,"'' Hawai'i manager Gerald Oda said.

Hawai'i beats Tennessee

Hawaii will attempt to compete with the teams of the years 2005, 2008 and 2018, and conclude its season with an Olympic win in Lamade Stadium

Hawaii's Jaron Lancaster hit a single by a smooth strike to the left in middle of the first. He then scored after Daly Watson hit a ball off the bottom on the wall