Union, 50, appeared on Monday's adventure of Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast, and the two discussed cheating in their beforehand relationships.

The "Bring It On" brilliant declared her aboriginal alliance to above NFL amateur Chris Howard as "dysfunctional from day one." The brace wed in 2001 and afar in 2006.

"I absolutely was not accepting wife of the year awards," Union said. "In my aboriginal marriage, neither one of us is acquainted like the alliance should get in the way of our dating."

She added that the allotment of her adultery was because Howard was additionally allegedly cheating –the added allotment was her credo on ability dynamics in relationships.

"I aloof acquainted advantaged to it as well. I was advantageous for all the bills. … Like my dad afore me, whoever has the best gets to do whatever the hell they want," she said.

Shepard, who is currently affiliated with extra Kristen Bell, aggregate that he was ahead in an accessible accord for nine years

 and that while he abjures some of his accomplishments during that time, he doesn't afflict it all. In response, Union told him, "I ambition I had added answerability for some of that."