Peta Murgatroyd gave an emotional update on the complexities of her IVF journey.

DWTS' Peta Murgatroyd

She also said, "I hope that by sharing my story with you all, it will help others experiencing the same issue."

Since the time, Murgatroyd has revealed that she as well as Chmerkovskiy has decided to test the process of IVF however,

in her most recent update, she revealed that the procedure is not successful.

DWTS' Peta Murgatroyd Sad Update

In the middle of June the following month, she brought her followers on a journey on Instagram and shared photos of her journey.

In the beginning, she claimed that she was "pregnant," although she knew she was not. "I believe that it's working because I feel like I'm pregnant. My boobs hurt so much," she said on Instagram.

I had promised you all to be transparent and open and honest. There were times when I was uncertain about the decision I made throughout my IVF journey,

and even more so after receiving the news that the transfer failed," she wrote in another long post and the video of her day at the transfer.

Peta Murgatroyd 

Peta Murgatroyd