The Goddess of Pop stopped the fan who made a comparison of Dua Lipa with her in a jolly tweet on Tuesday.

Dua Lipa got trolled

"Dua Lipa, the Cher of our generation," the user on Twitter wrote, along with a video of "Levitating" singer, 27 years old, performing at the Grammy Awards.

However, Cher was 76 and was not convinced, responding with her own tweet, "How many years are in a generation."

A number of netizens joined into "Cher" their own opinions about the comparison. "False. I'm a millennial, and I will forever remain Cher for me." One person was not convinced.

"Cher is for boomers/ gen X," another wrote, adding "Dua Lipa is for millennials/ gen Z." "One thing is being inspired by someone else, and the another is being a substitute.

Dua Lipa is Dua Lipa from our time. Cher has always been Cher. It is not necessary to compare two totally different talents because one style is like the other." an additional explanation.

"People don't really understand the impact that culture has on Cher made on the world of fashion. Everyone can dress like Cher today however it's not the same that she was the very first to do it.

Cher was Cher. Additionally, Cher has been in movies and her own show on TV. Cher is the one and only" another fan said.