Dave Chappelle weighs in on Will Smith’s famous slapping of Chris Rock at the Oscars ceremony this year.

This shattered King Richard's beloved Hollywood persona over a decade-long career.

Dave Chappelle comment 

According to The Telegraph, Chappelle stated that Rock did an impression on Will during a joint comedy tour through Liverpool,

England. He ripped off his mask and revealed to us that he was just as ugly as us.

Dave Chappelle comment on Will Smith

The comic said that Smith doesn't want him to try to rebuild a facade. Chappelle stated, "Regardless of the consequences...

I hope that he doesn’t put on his mask again and let his real face breathe." He also noted that he saw himself in both men.

Chappelle also joked that Smith was acting back in his hometown when he struck Rock, just a few months before earning one of Hollywood's most prestigious accolades.

He said, "Many people forget who Will Smith really is." "Then, 10 minutes prior to him receiving the largest award... he acted as if he were back in Philadelphia."