Chrissy Teigen has addressed social media users after sharing the life-saving abortion she had.

Chrissy Teigen Responds to "Brutal" Comments

Recently, the model discussed her 2020 loss and explained that she sought medical assistance after discovering her son Jack wouldn't survive.

Chrissy stated that it became clear that Jack would not survive the summit. She also said that she wouldn't be without medical intervention.

She continued, "Let's just say it was an abortion." "An abortion to save me from a baby who had absolutely no chance. To be completely honest, that was only a few months ago.

Chrissy took to Twitter following the news and spoke out about the reactions of the public to her sharing her story.

She wrote, "I knew it would happen. And honestly, I've seen you do your worst so if you feel better, great." It doesn't make it worse, though.

Cravings founder shared screenshots from the "brutal” comments section of what she claimed was Glamour’s Instagram post about her abortion.

One person said, "She's such an actress queen," while another wrote, "Why should we know this?" Seriously."

Another comment said, "Well, we already gave you an Pity Party so what do you do with this information?"

Others supported her, with one user stating, "This comments area is so toxic. Wow."

Chrissy Teigen Responds to "Brutal" Comments