The actress, 78, spoke about her career and life after being awarded her Golden Lion award for lifetime accomplishment during

Catherine Deneuve

the Venice Film Festival in Italy on Wednesday (31.08.22) and insisted she considered it a "challenge" to be attractive

even though she is considered to be among the most beautiful women around the globe.

Catherine Deneuve opens up

She told me: "I was never a sexual symbol. You won't see me in photos that are very sexually attractive ...

This was an interesting struggle to look attractive but it's never been a huge factor for me over the past couple of years, obviously.

And it's a lot better to age in Europe than in America, particularly as an older woman."

Catherine Deneuve opens up

She also made a brief assessment of her 65-year professional career and said: "There was a lot of luck."

Catherine has also resisted being labeled as an "icon", retorting: "No! It's a term that could be used, but I'm definitely not" an icon," no."

She said to Variety: "After my accident, I simply went back on the shoot of Emmanuelle Bercot's film because it was important for me to finish it; I thought it would bring me some satisfaction."