The public is concerned about Cara Delevingne after she was acting out in a bizarre manner as she traveled on her way to Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

"Carnival Row" actress, 30 "Carnival Row" actress, 30, was photographed by paparazzi on her way to the airport

from the back seat of the Chevy Suburban. Her feet were hanging out of the windows as her driver sped to the airport through LA traffic.

After arriving two hours late to their flight aboard Jay-Z's own private jet the model who was dressed in a Britney Spears T-shirt,

black joggers, red, yellow, and green strips with yellow socks, and no shoes were able to make her way to the aircraft along with her dog Alfie.

However, it appears it was an alteration in plans as Delevingne and her dog departed the plane within 45 minutes. It's unclear whether Delevingne was directed to depart or not.

When she resurfaced on the asphalt The smoking Brit was extremely jittery, as she dropped her mobile phone several times while talking about it.

When a member of the Delevingne entourage spoke with airport personnel The model's bags were taken off the plane,

and then put back into the SUV from the vehicle she arrived in. The model then got in her own vehicle and left.

"what's going with Cara delevingne?" ???? I'm so disappointed for her," wrote one person along with another one begging, "will someone please check on Cara delevingne for the love of god."