One Washington Commanders junior running back has been wounded in the leg during an apparent carjacking according to officials from Metropolitan Police Department in Washington. D.C

Brian Robinson Jr. was in Washington at around 5:45 p.m. Sunday night when he was apparently

Brian Robinson Jr. Leg Injury

approached by two young men who attempted to take his vehicle. A struggle was fought according to the police.

Robinson announced on his Instagram that he had come out of surgery, and everything was "well,"

Brian Robinson Jr. Leg Injury

and his coach Ron Rivera said on Monday the doctors are hopeful about Robinson's health recovery.

Brian Robinson Jr. Leg Injury

The doctors were extremely positive for him, and he was extremely positive also," Rivera told reporters on Monday.

"He's extremely fortunate. He's doing very well. It's just the case of time until the guy is back. There's no date however, everything was positive.

The Washington Commanding Officers made they had made a statement on Sunday night that the wound from the gun was not life-threatening.