According to numerous accounts, Blac Chyna is earning huge amounts of money through the OnlyFans page.

According to reports, Rob Kardashian's ex-girlfriend is currently at the top of the earnings list on the platform.

If you aren't aware, we'll explain this: OnlyFans is a subscription to a content service that is located in London,

The United Kingdom. Keep reading to find out the amount of cash Blac Chyna earns from OnlyFans each month.

The Covid-19 epidemic was a time when The number of OnlyFans members and content creators went up as people found new ways of earning money.

According to the report from the magazine, Blac Chyna makes an astounding $20 million a month and is followed by Bella Thorne in the second spot , earning 11.1 million dollars per month.

Cardi B takes the third place and has been reported to earn $9.34 million every month.

 Blac Chyna is earning

In the past rappers Bhad Bhabie along with Rubi Rose also boasted about the earnings they made through the platform.

This was based on 2 million creators, which is a 34 percent rise and 188 million users who jumped by 128 percent.

 Blac Chyna is earning