Ashley Judd called out authorities for making her feel "like a suspect" as they interrogated her as she held her mother who was dying after a self-inflicted shooting wound.

I assume they did as they were taught," the actress aged 54 said in an editorial published in The New York Times

Ashley Judd felt like a ‘suspect’

discussing the police officers who appeared as she stood over her mom's "laboring body" and began to ask her questions.

Ashley who was the one who discovered her mother's body following her suicide attempt, said, "It is now well recognized that law enforcement officers

are trained to deal with and investigate incidents involving trauma however, the police officers who were in the room left us feeling apathetic,

Ashley Judd

without any boundary that was sensitive, and being interrogated, and in my instance, as being a potential suspect of my mother's murder.

"I gave a flurry of answers to the many questions aimed at me during the four police interrogations they insist I give on the day of my mother's death -- questions

I could never have been able to answer on another day, and to questions that I had no idea to ask myself questions. For example the following: Is your body camera in use?

Are I being recorded audio in the future? What is the best way to ensure that what I share be saved and shared to the general public?" the "Double Jeopardy" star wrote.