The bizarre schedule changes the release of Aquaman 2 has revived rumors of Amber Heard's participation as a character in the movie.

Even though the actress was able in the film to shoot scenes even though she was involved in a tense

legal dispute in a legal battle with Johnny Depp, her future with the DCEU remains shrouded in confusion.

The film is believed to need additional time in post-production due to the fact that Amber Heard is being replaced by Emila Clarke.

The plan is to eliminate the entire scene involving Johnny Depp's ex-wife. Then, make the more popular Game of Thrones actor in the role of Mera.

If the plan is confirmed, it will mean that the Stand actor's involvement in the DCEU will come to an end after just two appearances.

Aquaman 2

While there is no official confirmation, it appears that Mera's role will be cut. confirmed, the character of Mera

as a character in Aquaman 2 is being reported to be cut and the story will focus upon Arthur Curry and the Ocean Master instead.

The decision to cut Amber Heard and recasting Mera follows the actress's claim that Warner Bros already released her from her contract .

DC Films head Walter Hamada acknowledged that they had considered changing the character prior to production starting, ScreenRant reports.