Amanda Seyfried's little daughter had a surprising reaction to her mother's victory in the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards.

When she spoke to reporters on Monday following her win of the Emmy for the best leading actress of a short film or show

for her performance in "The Dropout", Seyfried shared that her daughter, 5, Nina "actually cried" after her mother's victory.

"My daughter actually cried because she was confused about how I spoke to her through the TV and so I called her," she wrote.

"She was supposed to be in bed. She's going to school tomorrow! I didn't expect that to be the reaction."

Alongside Nina, The actress is also the mother of Thomas, who is 23 months old. Thomas and Thomas Sadoski, her husband. Thomas Sadoski who is 46.

"Thanks, Television Academy, and thanks for recognizing me among these amazing actors," Seyfried spoke on stage,

before saying a prayer of thanks to the Dropout founder Liz Meriweather, as well as executive producer Michael Showalter.

"It was really hard but it was the best time of my life," Seyfried declared. "Of course [thank you to] my agents of 16 years, Abby Bluestone, Scott, Morrie, Gary."