Through the entire 2021 season, Aaron Rodgers's vaccine COVID-19 status was among the top baffling and controversial news stories in the world of sports.

The Packers star re-examined the issue on Saturday's "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast.

Aaron Rodgers ‘Immunized’ Remarks

She also explained to his Host Joe Rogan that his infamous "I'm immunized" claim was actually an intentional error of direction.

In the course of the discussion, Rodgers, 38, was discussing the language the quarterback used to describe his condition to reporters in August.

After revealing the fact that the medical exemption he had requested was refused by the NFL The veteran quarterback

explained the reasons he chose an "immunization process with a holistic physician," said to Rogan that

he felt uncomfortable with his Johnson & Johnson vaccine and was allergic to a component found in Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, which is glycol or PEG.

Rodgers Rogan, who was unable to play in Week 9 due to being positive for COVID-19 He then discussed with Rogan his thoughts

going to the unforgettable press conference in the summer of last year after learning that the league was seeking "a number of other major quarterbacks"

"I'd been in a state of readiness all the time to answer this question and was thinking about the best way to answer the question.

And I'd come to the conclusion that I'll declare, 'I've been vaccinated. If you need an additional follow-up, be sure to discuss the process," said Rodgers.