Aaron Rodgers loves to complain about the attention he gets in the news and NFL world however, he puts himself in the position of receiving all of that attention.

Even when he does an unintentional change to his appearance, it's becoming something that people are aware of, that's something Aaron loves regardless of whether he acknowledges it or not.

The anti-vax, anti-California, anti-Joe Biden quarterback has been playing with his appearance over the last few years.

The look of his mustache has gone. The same is true for his long hair which has reminded many of Nicolas Cage at times.

The days of a Green Bay Packers quarterback are over because The Green Bay Packers quarterback was seen on

the field in Minnesota for their first Week 1 matchup against the Rival Vikings sporting hair shorts and a precise cut.

Naturally, people were aware. In the case of Rodgers his haircut, the NFL world will always react to anything that he's done, no matter how large or minor.

In this instance, there was a wide range of opinions regarding the haircut, with some who believed the haircut was an Peaky Blinders look to start the season.