Stranger Issues: The Grandfather Clock’s That means, Principle

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A grandfather clock chimes 4 instances, and chills run via the our bodies of the youngsters of “Stranger Issues” as a result of all of them realize it means Vecna, the evil entity who guidelines the Upside Down, is coming for the kill. “Stranger Issues” has been utilizing the grandfather clock in its marketing for season four since 2020, and all through the brand new season, it is used as a cautionary sign that one thing depraved this fashion comes.

What Does the Grandfather Clock in “Stranger Issues” Imply?

The brand new season exhibits that the 4 chimes of the grandfather clock symbolize the 4 victims Vecna wants to assert in an effort to enter our dimension and take over humanity. Early in season 4, Vecna terrorizes the cheerleader Chrissy, Nancy’s newspaper associate Fred, and Lucas’s basketball teammate Patrick one after the other, all of whom see the grandfather clock earlier than they finally die. When Max is taken by Vecna, she explains seeing the clock and the terrors that adopted. First, she will get complications and nosebleeds, adopted by visions of her worst reminiscences, just like the loss of life of her brother, Billy.

How Are the Grandfather Clock and Vecna Linked?

Season 4 reveals how the grandfather clock is straight related to Vecna’s origins. Earlier than he turned the terrifying darkish wizard of the Upside Down, Vecna was Henry Creel, a troubled child dwelling in Hawkins in a home the place the grandfather clock resides. When he kills his household by gouging their eyes out together with his powers, the origin of his place of energy turns into clear. Later within the season, it’s revealed Vecna is related to the home and makes use of it as a base to create the hive thoughts and energy all of the creatures within the Upside Down.

Did the Grandfather Clock Have Significance Earlier than “Stranger Issues” Season 4?

However season 4 will not be the primary time we hear the chimes of the clock. Twitter user bampac29 posted a video displaying that, in season one, the clock chimes when Will is taken by the Demogorgon. Then, in season three, the 4 chimes ring out proper earlier than Billy is possessed by the Thoughts Flayer. This exhibits that Vecna has been round in some capability because the starting however was utilizing the opposite creatures of the Upside Right down to do his bidding in Hawkins.

In line with the YouTube channel Spoiler Explained, in addition to a submit by Reddit user StrangerWill, the clock could possibly be a gateway into the Upside Down and amplifies Vecna’s potential to open different gates all through Hawkins.

StrangerWill additionally theorizes that destroying the clock might assist defeat Vecna ultimately, however whether or not that is the case or not should wait till season 5 premieres.

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