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“She-Hulk” introduces us to Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner’s cousin and the newest superhero within the MCU’s Section 4. Whereas the buzziest cameo within the Disney+/Marvel collection was most likely the long-awaited return of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, the present’s Oct. 13 season finale managed to slide in one other trace about the way forward for the Marvel universe. Within the episode’s closing minutes, we’re launched to Skaar, the Hulk’s son — and a notable determine within the Marvel comics.

Who Is Skaar within the Marvel Comics?

Within the comics, Skaar is the son of the Hulk (aka Bruce Banner) and Caiera, an alien girl from the planet Sakaar. Throughout an ideal warfare on Sakaar, the Hulk is captured by the evil Crimson King, then finally frees himself and leads insurgent forces. Caiera, beforehand pressured to work for the Crimson King, betrays him and sides with Hulk, who finally emerges victorious as the brand new king. After being named king, the Hulk marries Caiera and even transforms into his human type as Bruce Banner in entrance of her.

Caiera quickly reveals that she’s pregnant, however tragedy strikes when the Hulk’s shuttle is blown up, killing Caiera and plenty of others. Skaar’s cocoon falls right into a lake of fireside because the planet is engulfed in volcanic eruptions. Ultimately, Skaar emerges onto the ruined planet and ages shortly: inside a 12 months, he seems to be a younger grownup. As he grows up, nonetheless, he is quickly consumed with rage and a quest for vengeance, finally being exiled to Earth, the place he will get into vicious battles with heroes together with She-Hulk and his personal father.

All through his appearances within the comics, Skaar’s relationship with the Hulk is contentious at finest. He is typically seen struggling along with his thirst for energy and revenge, and his affiliations all through his storylines replicate that — he is undoubtedly not a through-and-through hero just like the Hulk.

Who Is Skaar within the MCU?

Bruce’s adventures with Sakaar begin on the very starting of “She-Hulk” — in actual fact, that plotline is straight accountable for Jen gaining superpowers. Within the pilot episode, Jen and Bruce’s automotive crash, after which she features powers from her cousin’s blood, is attributable to a low-flying Sakaaran ship getting of their approach. After the crash, Bruce feedback to Jen that the ship was most likely “making an attempt to ship a message” (to him, he assumes) and heads off to “unravel it.” As viewers will bear in mind, most of “Thor: Ragnarok” takes place on Sakaar, the place the Hulk is trapped as basically an area gladiator to entertain the Sakaarans and different beings passing by way of the Grandmaster’s realm.

Within the second episode, Jen finds out that Bruce did not simply head off — he headed off-planet. He casually tells her that he will not be again for some time, revealing that he is on a spaceship headed far out into area. The season finale lastly reveals what he was as much as: he did, in actual fact, go to Sakaar to search out out why they have been making an attempt to get his consideration. When he arrives at a household barbeque, the household is true in the course of quizzing Matt Murdock about his and Jen’s relationship, even teasing them about kids. The household’s consideration instantly shifts when Bruce arrives and introduces his son, Skaar, and so they welcomes each Bruce and Skaar fortunately.

Whereas Skaar undoubtedly is getting a heat welcome from his household on Earth, the precise particulars of his backstory are nonetheless unclear. His introduction is certainly lighter in tone than his angsty, vengeful adolescence within the comics, however there is definitely extra battle to come back if (when?) his story unfolds on display.

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