Home of the Dragon Episode 9 Ending Defined

“Home of the Dragon” wrapped up the penultimate episode of its first season with a wild episode filled with energy performs and one very memorable ending. Earlier than the finale adjustments all the pieces once more, let’s break down an important plot developments from episode 9.

Who Is the New King?

Following the demise of King Viserys on the finish of episode eight, the succession is considerably murky. We, the viewers, are fairly certain that he nonetheless meant for Rhaenyra to succeed him, and that is supported by how he labored to attempt to reconcile the warring factions of his household in his last days. Sadly, a deathbed misunderstanding has made issues extra difficult.

As he lay dying, Viserys seemingly errors Alicent at his aspect for Rhaenyra as he rambles about Aegon I’s imaginative and prescient of the “prince who was promised.” Alicent interprets this as a last-minute change of coronary heart in assist of her son Aegon taking the throne, and he or she instantly stories again to her father and their faction. By the top of the episode, Aegon II has been topped — however not with out some bumps alongside the best way.

What Are the Greens Planning?

As quickly as Alicent tells her father, Otto, that she believes Viserys wished Aegon to be king, it turns into clear that Otto already has a plan in place — one which Alicent hasn’t been absolutely included in. One of many lords on the council speaks as much as say that placing Aegon on the throne is mainly treason, however Ser Criston Cole instantly kills him. Otto implies that they need to homicide Rhaenyra and her household, whereas Alicent is horrified and insists that Viserys would definitely not need Rhaenyra killed. Ser Harrold Westerling, commander of the Kingsguard, additionally refuses to hold out the order, as a substitute swearing that he’ll hearken to no authority however the king — as soon as there may be one, that’s.

With the assistance of Larys Robust, the greens swiftly manipulate and drive Rhaenyra’s loyalists to both swear fealty to Aegon II or die. In the meantime, the would-be new king is lacking, resulting in Ser Criston and Aemond looking town for him, all whereas Aemond whines that he ought to be king, since he truly desires to be. After a search that leads them by way of some sketchy locations (and divulges not less than considered one of Aegon’s illegitimate kids), they discover somebody who has intel on the place Aegon may be discovered: Mysaria, Daemon’s long-ago ex and now a strong spymaster.

Once they lastly observe Aegon down, he pitches a match and begs his brother Aemond to only let him go and by no means come again. For a minute, it looks as if Aemond would possibly take the supply, however then Criston intervenes and Aegon is compelled to return. Alicent instructions that Aegon be topped at daybreak, and Ser Criston will take over as commander of the Kingsguard.

Why Does not Rhaenys Kill the Greens?

All through the episode, there’s one main wild card in Alicent’s plans: Rhaenys Velaryon, who, like Rhaenyra, was handed over for the throne in favor of a male family member. Alicent tries to persuade Rhaenys to convey Home Velaryon over to Aegon’s aspect, however Rhaenys is having none of it. Earlier than Aegon’s coronation, nonetheless, Erryk Cargyll breaks into the rooms the place she’s being held and affords to assist her escape. He tries to get her onto a ship whereas everyone seems to be distracted by the coronation, however they cannot fairly get there in time.

Then Rhaenys reappears simply after the crown is positioned on Aegon’s head — and he or she’s using her dragon, Meleys. She stares down Aegon and Alicent, who appear resigned to being killed by dragon hearth. As a substitute, Meleys lets out a screech, then flies off to Dragonstone to warn Rhaenyra about what has occurred.

“It is the second when she reveals herself to be the best attainable ruler. It was probably the most outrageous and explosive motion of the season,” Rhaenys’s portrayer, Eve Greatest, informed Entertainment Weekly. “In a means, it is also probably the most merciful and most sleek act. It is as a result of she’s so clever and in the long run chooses to do the suitable factor, which isn’t to destroy. It is a really forgiving second and form of a loving second, in a bizarre means. She has all of the ammunition, and the will for revenge is so nice. She’s suffered a lot loss, and for her personal sake and on behalf of so many others, the urge to destroy is so robust. And but the selection to not destroy turns into even stronger. That is the mark of greatness and [a] really inspiring second . . . “

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